Friday, September 23, 2005

Flight to Pisa

Theoretically you could fly direct from Edinburgh to Pisa in around 3 hours, but in the name of saving money. we took one of the most indirect routes possible: Edinburgh to Frankfurt, then to Munich and finally on to Pisa. The reason for this madness was that I had enough airmiles to get both Stuart and I from Scotland to Italy, so the pain of an 8 hour journey was eased by the fact that we were paying nothing for the flights - only £50 or so for the airport tax.

We left Edinburgh at 1.15pm, arrived in Pisa at 10.45pm (an hour ahead of UK time) and managed to experience a flight on a 737, a 747 and a little propeller plane, drink a few beers and some vino, eat a burger and chips and a thai curry (not at the same time), see the sights of Edinburgh, Frankfurt and Munich airports and experience the services of Lufthansa and Air Dolimito (which before today sounded more like a pasta sauce than an airline).

Lufthansa Plane

Quite a busy day, so I found it very easy to collapse in bed in our Pisa Hotel at the end of the night.

We had decided to stay in Pisa rather than Florence on our first night, because we didn't want the hassle of making a train journey late at night after our day of so many airports and flights.

We stayed at the Terminus and Plaza Hotel, a 3 star hotel just 5 minutes in a taxi from Pisa airport (5 Euros) and about 50 metres from Pisa Train Station. The hotel was pretty basic, but did the job for a quick overnight night stay. The room was spacious, but a bit shabby and in need of a dust and a lick of paint, but the sheets and towels were clean and the air conditioning worked. It's a good enough place to stay if you are just at the beginning or end of a journey or want to get the train somewhere the next day, but it's at the opposite end of town from The leaning Tower of Pisa, so probably not ideal if you want to see the sights of Pisa without doing much walking.

If you are booking a hotel in Pisa, I recommend looking at Trip Advisor. They have user reviews of all the hotels and you can easily choose which one you like the best based on the price, location and user ratings. You can also find out more about discount flights to Pisa

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