Sunday, October 09, 2005

Our first evening in Florence

After spending a couple of hours chilling out in our room we took a walk alongside the River Arno and over the Ponte Vespucci, which is a few bridges up from the Ponte Vecchio, and into the area on the other side of the bridge known as Oltrarno. We stopped for a beer in a bar called Dolce Vita, which was nice, but at 6 Euros for a medium beer it would be easy to rack up a huge bill.

After that we wandered around a bit and stopped for a drink in the Santo Spirito area, then wandered back over a different bridge and into the central historical part of Florence. We had dinner at a little restaurant and ate some Steak washed down by a nice bottle of Chianti. One word of warning - if you like your steak well done, don't bother ordering one while you're in Italy! I had asked for my steak to be well done, but it was pink and still a little bloody inside. I hate to think what it would have been like if I hadn't asked for it to be well done!

Overall the restaurant was quite nice with steaks served with potatoes and veg for 15 Euros, Pasta dishes for 8-12 Euros and a large selection of other main dishes.

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